Proposal for CAUMC Church Council

As we wait and watch the struggles taking place throughout the United Methodist Church, including in our own Great Plains Conference, it is important that College Avenue UMC is clear about our own position on the issues that are at the core of the divide within the UMC. The College Avenue UMC Church Council wants to ensure we don’t proceed with any action without respecting the views of all those in the congregation. 

At the March 17, 2019, Church Council meeting the council passed a proposal to form an ad hoc committee that would work to provide congregants an opportunity to express their views on the positions of the church.  The committee will work to identify our church’s position and craft a proposed statement clearly communicating that position, to serve as a guidepost for our own congregation as we observe the changes across the church landscape and determine the best landing place for our church. 

It is hopeful that we would do this all in the next few months as we all understand that waiting is difficult, and we want to make sure that we don’t rush into a reactive stance. Please feel free to contact Pastor Dennis or Church Council Chair Heather Lansdowne with questions or concerns about this process. 

Thanks to all CAUMC members and participating non-members who attended the meeting after church on March 3. Below you will find a video of the meeting, a copy of a document distributed at the meeting, and a summary of questions generated by small group discussions following the meeting. 

As CAUMC continues to examine how this action by the United Methodist Church may impact our church, you'll find updates on our progress here on this page of our website.